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The National Science and Technology Council is a statutory body through which the Government of the republic of Zambia directs policy on the development and application of science and technology in the country. One of the Council’s mandate is to disseminate information on Science and Technology in Zambia. The Council publishes a Science Tech Newsletter biannually to cover Science and Technology developments in the Zambia and around the World.

Below are copies of the recent Science Tech Newsletter publications:

January – June 2019 [Click do Download]

Jan-June 2018 newsletter

January – June 2018 Newsletter [Click to Download] July – December 2018 Newsletter [Click to Download]

Special Edition

January - June 2017

January – June 2017 Newsletter [Click to Download] 2017 Special Edition Newsletter [Click to Download]

July - December 2016 January - June 2016

July – December 2016 [Click to Download] January – June 2016 Newsletter [Click to Download]