Research and Innovation Management Forum [2017]

The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) in collaboration with the Southern Africa Research and Innovation Management Association (SARIMA) organised a Forum on Research and Innovation Management on 16th and 17th March, 2017.


Sarima Forum Group Photo

Forum on Research and Innovation Management: Group Photo

This Forum targeted Research and Innovation(R&I) Managers and Senior Academics at Universities and other Research Institutions in the Country. The Forum programme also covered the local context of R&I, challenges of Research Management as well as current trends in the research environment. In addition topics dealing with Research Policy and Strategy Development and facilitating research, including Human Resource Development, Research Funding processes and procedures and developing a research culture were covered.

Permanent Secretary

The Ministry of Higher Education Permanent Secretary gives a speech during the Forum 

The Expected outcomes of the Forum were as follows:

  • To create capacity in Research and Development Institutions, Institutions of Higher Learning as far as Research and Innovation Management in concerned

  • To contribute towards the professionalization of Research and innovation Management in research performing institutions

  • Establishment of Research and Innovation Management Societies

Additionally, the forum is expected to trigger exchange visits and knowledge sharing among institutions attending this Forum.

Forum Training

Participants during the Research and Innovation Management Forum 

The forum comprised of presentations from various institutions including SARIMA and Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Below are the Presentation documents.

  1. Introduction to SARIMA – SARIMA
  2. Approaches to Research and Innovation Management – Dr Pamisha Pillay (SARIMA)
  3. Barriers and Bottlenecks to R&I – Dr Pamisha Pillay (SARIMA)
  4. The Role of NSTC in STI Development in Zambia – NSTC
  5. Role of Universities in Research – Prof. Imasiku Nyambe
  6. Successful Strategies for Commercialisation and Technology Transfer – NTBC
  7. Presentation on University -Industry Innovation Partnerships – Zambia Chamber of Commerce Industry
  8. Successful Strategies for Commercialisation and Technology Transfer – NTBC
  9. Research Grants and Setting up Research Offices – Prof. Imasiku Nyambe
  10. Intellectual Property Rights Issues_Legal Framework in Zambia – Lloyd S. Thole
  11. Ethical Considerations in Research – Prof. Esther Munalula-Nkandu
  12. Role of the Research Administrator – Dr Pamisha Pillay (SARIMA)
  13. Award Cycle & Getting Awards – Dr Pamisha Pillay (SARIMA)
  14. Professionalisation of R&I Management – Dr Pamisha Pillay (SARIMA)