Science and Technology Innovation Youth Fund (STIYF)

The Government of the Republic of Zambia created the Science and Technology Innovation Youth Fund (STIYF) aimed at assisting the youth to develop their Scientific and Technological innovations with specific focus on innovations that are relevant to the creation of employment and wealth.

The Fund is focused on enabling the youth innovators play a more significant role in the development of key sectors of the economy.

The Fund is administered under the Ministry of Higher  Education through a Fund Management Committee and implemented by the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) through a Technical and Financial Committee.

The overall objective of the STIYF is to promote the development and application of scientific and technological innovations by the youth for employment and wealth creation.

The specific objectives are:

  • To support the development and piloting of scientific and technological innovations by the youth;
  • To promote a culture of innovativeness among the youth and;
  • To promote the acquisition and use of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) by youth innovators.

The fund is available to Zambian Youth below the age of 36 years. The youth are eligible as individuals or as groups.

For the purpose of this Fund, an Innovation is “a new Scientific and/or Technological idea or process that changes a way of doing something and can be commercially  successful”.

Eligible innovations shall  be those:

  • Locally developed or adapted, and should as far as possible utilize local raw materials.

Addressing national priority areas highlighted in the National Development Plans , Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and falling in one or more of the approved areas for support each year, which may include value addition to raw materials;   renewable & alternative energy; human and animal health; agriculture, livestock and fisheries; environment; water   management; construction and building;

The STIYF is available annually on a competitive basis and prospective applicants are expected to submit a completed standard Application Form and a copy of their NRC or birth certificate to the NSTC. Download the STYIF guidlines [Click STIYF Guidelines – 2019 Edition]